Made from 3/32″, 7 x 7 steel aircraft cable, with soft PVC coating. What does that mean? The core is high-quality stranded steel cable and the soft coating won’t scratch your gear or vehicle.


Prevent theft of your belongings! Just loop the cable through an item and then lock the ball-end into a door or vehicle trunk. Your gear is secured!


No need for a padlock or combination lock – so it’s always ready to go. No keys to lose, no combos to forget. Keep one in each of your vehicles!

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“Bought 2 Lockless Monsters for locking bike rack and bikes in safe areas just to prevent crimes of opportunity. Super easy to use and gives us peace of mind. Love them.”
– Joanne from Florida

Lockless Security Equals Peace of Mind

You never know where you’ll be when you find yourself needing to lock something up: a bike, a generator, a cooler, a grill. The list goes on. Sure, you could take your chances, but having a simple anti-theft cable handy is well worth it. It defeats the casual thief and cannot be cut with simple hand tools like a pocket knife or multi-tool. The Lockless Monster is always ready to go – no keys to lose and no combinations to forget.
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