The Lockless Monster – Always Ready

You never know where you’ll be when you find yourself needing to lock something up: a bike, a generator, a cooler, a grill. The list goes on. Sure, you could take your chances, but having a simple anti-theft cable handy is well worth it. It defeats the casual thief and cannot be cut with simple hand tools like a pocket knife or multi-tool. The Lockless Monster is always ready to go – no keys to lose and no combinations to forget.

Keep one in each of your vehicles!


How To Use

Simply loop the cable around the item that you wish to protect from theft and lock the ball-end into your door or trunk. It couldn’t be easier!

If you find yourself without a door or trunk, the ball end has a small loop so that you can use a padlock or combination lock if you need to.

Where To Use

The options are virtually endless!

After a hard day of tailgating- what do you do with that grill that isn’t entirely cool yet? You used to leave it sitting in the parking lot when you went into the game. Now you can lock it up with the Lockless Monster! Why spoil a perfect day with a stolen grill or a burned backseat.

Leaving the campsite for a hike? Lock up your generator, grill and those expensive chairs from the mail order catalog. You can even loop it all together at once and lock the ball-end into your camper door or storage doors. 16 foot Lockless Monster recommended. Connect one or more for even longer lengths and secure the whole campsite!

You just finished a great trail ride and you’re back at the car with your bike. But you have to use the bathroom before heading off to the next trail. What to do with your bike? Just lock it up with the Lockless Monster! Peace of mind.

Hitch-mount cargo carriers are great! Unless you have to stop and pop into a store. What’s going to happen to your gear sitting back there while you’re perusing the roll back specials?

You and the guys are on site and it’s time for lunch break. Bob’s buying so you all leave in his truck, leaving your truck and your tools sitting there for the taking. Don’t. Lock them up- simply and easily.

Do you have one of those nice boat decks with real furniture on it? What happens to those fine teak furnishings when you leave for shopping? Lock it up. You donate enough.

You spent a small fortune on all that gear, so don’t let someone else snag it at the launch or parking lot. Just loop it up and lock the ball-end into a lockable hold.

You’re visiting the nice Time Share you pay too much for and you’ve got your own grill and cooler sitting on the patio. Then you leave- leaving it all unsecured. Just use the Lockless Monster and lock the ball-end into the patio door!

Use as a tether to secure against losing lightweight articles in heavy winds, such as light-weight patio furniture. Lock the ball-end into the patio door.


The Lockless Monster stores easily and is always ready for use. Just coil it up and then wrap the ball-end around twice, and insert into larger loop.


3/32″ stranded steel cable core, 7 x 7 aircraft cable. PVC coated.